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Updated: Sep 20, 2019

"Foraged Serenity & Beauty"

Expressive, seasonal and sustainable Floral Artistry has blossomed in Chapel Allerton.

It was an absolute joy to join Monika Harris - the Head Creator and free spirit of Wild Bloom Design - on a fantastic photo shoot in September. We followed the Wild Bloom team during a day of creative floral production, set in the perfect vintage scenery location; Oakwell Hall Country Park - West Yorkshire.

Wild Bloom Design Chapel Allerton
Monika- The Head Creator of Wild Bloom Design

Wild Bloom Design's Story & Ethos

Wild Bloom Design founded in 2019 is a unique Floral Artistic concept, focussing on designing and producing enchanting floristry fit for any glamourous wedding, event or dazzling room centre-piece.

Monika and her team encapsulate design and focus around the ever-changing seasons to bring out the natural foliage & particular hue of that period, including flora perfectly preserved from the previous growing season. In doing so, Wild Bloom Design produce incredible pallets of colour and sculptures made from a mix of fresh and dried flowers.

Resembling an untouched forest path or blossoming meadow, all of their end creations have an air of splendour and finesse radiating from them.

Wild Bloom Design Chapel Allerton
Stunning displays of seasonal colour

Using techniques stemming back to 2008, through experience in floral college and her botanic mentors, over the years Monika's bespoke approach has been ignited into what can only be described as free flowing, sustainability focussed and conceptually rare. Every creation can be tailored to meet clients designs, budgets and artistic desires - with the Wild Bloom ethos always shining through.

Monika's passion takes her back to her early roots as a child and memories of countryside living, playing and foraging in the woods and streams - embracing nature's biggest gift; she's taken this passion and love for home grown and made it in to a fantastic and exquisite local business venture.

Wild Bloom Design Chapel Allerton
Beautiful fairytale-esque flowers & pallettes

Based in the centre of Chapel Allerton, Monika & Husband Joe make an absolute dream team - as Joe is the Director of his own local Landscaping business, the green fingered pairing is the ideal match complimenting the creative duo's goals and passions.

We loved to hear that Joe ensures no unnecessary wastage occurs during his landscaping escapades by passing on any recyclable items to go in to producing the unique items created through Wild Bloom - how quirky is that!?

Joe & Monika pride themselves on their home grown herbaceous plants and greenery, as well as having an established local supply chain all based in Yorkshire, including core supplier Anna bell from Pudsey who has links to the UK's well known flower


Monika - mid creation of a Wild Bloom bouquet

The Wild Bloom creative flare...

Wild Bloom has a fantastic year round operation, including their own secret flower drying and hanging techniques which preserve the most fragile of flowers, ready to be used in the bespoke design process...

From delicately dried Hydrangea's and huge blossoming Dahlias - Wild Bloom design brings big explosions of floral art wrapped in Mediterranean leafage...

Beautful close up of the unique artefacts used in Wild Bloom Design's ethos

to rustic driftwood straight from the shore, cushioned in dried pampas grasses pulled from the throne of a legacy King & Queen.

Monika in the final stages of the design and creation process

Be it bridal bouquets, button holes and 5* wedding venue floral decorations brightening up the grandest reception area...

Wild Bloom Design Chapel Allerton
Bouquet splendour finished design

or magical enchanted film set worthy creations fit for the Bronte family - Monika and the team at Wild Bloom Design Chapel Allerton have it completely covered.

Monika's delicate process and step by step precision is fascinating to watch- every leaf, stem and snip has a been thoroughly thought out ensuring a beautiful and individual masterpiece end product.

Wild Bloom Design Chapel Allerton
Driftwood, Dahlia and grass centre piece design

Autumn , Christmas & 2020 Wild Bloom Developments

With so much on offer, Wild Bloom Design have a key wedding fair display coming up in October at Oakwell Hall Country Park in Batley West Yorkshire on the 20th October.

This is the perfect opportunity to see first hand some of the master pieces - just like the driftwood and Dahlia wedding top table centre piece. Touch and feel their creations and discuss your own perfect wedding designs with Monika and the team.

Wild Bloom Design Chapel Allerton
Pure foliage and natural beauty centre piece

Christmas Wreaths & Workshops

Keep your eyes peeled on Wild Bloom's pages, as the ever popular Christmas Wreath making workshops are due to be scheduled in the near future, or order your very own bespoke design ready for the festive period!

Wild Bloom Design Chapel Allerton
Blooming Dahlias- A Wild Bloom Design beauty

Floral creations of this magnificence have now firmly hit the map in Chapel Allerton and we are thrilled to have discovered another truly local and independent hidden gem business on our doorstep!

Monika Harris

Wild Bloom Design

Instagram: @Wildbloomdesign

T: 07809429471

Website: Coming Soon

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