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Launch of the newest day time workspace in Leeds- The Woods

Updated: Dec 9, 2019

"eat, sleep, woodwork, repeat"

A new mid-week concept has landed in Chapel Allerton. Take remote working to another level and head to The Woods as they launch Woodwork.

As we creep into 2020, it becomes more apparent that people are yearning for modern and alternate ways of using their workplaces than ever before. We’re hungry for flexible environments with collaborative spaces and opportunities for spontaneous interaction, and Woodwork at The Woods in Chapel Allerton offers just that, between 9am - 5pm Monday to Friday.

We spent the day working in a variety of areas across the four floored building, with design collectable tables, chairs, sofas, lighting and art as well as a whopping 80 USB charging ports throughout. We savoured the delightful table service, helping to get us straight into the Woodwork groove.


Nestled on the first floor is one of the main indoor Woodwork zones packed with corner sofas, tables & chaise longue style benches. We stole a reserved spot from a fantastic regular home-based worker (thanks Sally) to give us the full scope of the venue and to get cracking with some work.

Any of the 65 tables can be reserved in advance which is ideal to get that full 9-5 shift in at The Woods, or even just a couple of hours graft.

Credit to The Woods design team for all of the choice of warming colours, throws, rugs and cushions perched around the full venue, bringing a sense of home into the workplace and creating a David Hockney-esque to the scene.

Pleasant chatter from a group of design students in one corner and the light dulcet tones of a business man anchoring a deal in another, networking opportunities are crying out to be discovered - you never know who you might meet to take that next onward step and journey within the rich tapestry of life.

Ambient heat drifts through the building from the alpine log burner on the ground floor, creating a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere looking out to the famous Chapel Allerton willow tree during the day.

Worried about privacy? No need. The Woods have it covered with a huge array of beautiful tables, chairs and sofas in spaces that can cover any working day requirement. There are acoustic panels and soft upholstered furniture dotted around areas to hold those more private phone calls and conversations, and don't forget there are three other floors including a rooftop balcony to explore and pace around.

All four floors have been beautifully designed so that image or Instagram that you want to take shouts creativity and professionalism; you could be in the coolest designed office / home without the lofty rent or rates.

Woodwork removes the expense of co-working desk space; it's absolutely free! You can come, work and drink water all day if you wish but with delicious healthy (and not so healthy) food on offer, it's hard not to get stuck in. The menu is fantastic with wood fired pizzas, sandwiches and small plates as well as indulgent cakes and of course, a fully stocked bar makes working much more palatable!

Adults only within the venue between 9am - 5pm during the week enables a focus on the working concept and it is ideally placed to plug that gap in the market Chapel Allerton has been crying out for, bring a variety of passionate business people to the area.


Tea? Coffee? Anything off the trolley?

Chocolate brownies thrown in with a brew and a cheeky working lunch time offer using fresh local ingredients includes a sandwich and a hot or cold soft drink all for £5.50! Deals like this amplify the beauty of not having to go very far with everything literally at your fingertips, including your own laptop.

Life can be hectic, we all know that and if your diary is a crammed as ours, then let The Woods take some pressure off. Kick back and type/call away with a slick operation and space designed with you and the way you work, in mind.

Lunch time refreshments nailed = afternoon productivity resumed.


In need of some motivation? Looking for a team building opportunity?

Up the stairs to the second floor of The Woods; another creative and colourful event space that will play host to a number of weekly workshops, kicking off imminently.

Running from the 9th-13th December, join international motivational speaker Steve McDermott- author of the "How to be a complete and utter failure in life, work & everything" for a free 30 minute talk each day at 5pm. Saunter upstairs after a full days woodworking and re-energise the soul.

With a relaxed and intimate theatre style layout, importantly also boasting a bar, what better way to give your mind a boost, get motivated, network and listen to a pro speaker at work?

This event space is also available for bookings, parties, and also music events. We can't wait to try out one of Steve McDermott's sessions in December.


So if that isn't quite enough for you, the time has come to fully clock off after spending a day at your new office, it's now time to treat yourself to a pint from one of the three bars in The Woods; spoilt for choice is the phrase that comes to mind!

This perfect multi-story masterpiece combines work with the opportunity for networking and collaborating, and a few drinks if you wish...

Ever fancied breaking up the week from your usual work location?

Is your own company at home not really giving you motivation to smash the to do list?

Would you love to network in a cool, comfortable and art deco cabin-esque mega bar concept...

Then yes, The Woods Chapel Allerton is the space for you - Get your woodwork table booked today.

The Woods

Stainbeck Corner

5 Stainbeck Lane



T: 0113 307 0111

Photo credit: Steve Corcoran (The Woods local)

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1 commentaire

08 mars 2023

The Woods are no longer offering the working space, their opening hours have changed to Mon - Thurs 4pm -11pm - the only day that they open earlier in the week is Friday at 11am, shame really as it was a very well used facility.

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