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Ales, Cocktails & 3 foot long sharing platters @ Kith & Kin

"North Yorkshire's Black Sheep Brewery flocks to North Leeds!"

As 2019 is in its final stretch, it was about time we checked out the vibes going down at Kith & Kin Chapel Allerton. Following the successful acquisition by independent brewery

Black Sheep back in April this year, Kith and Kin have hand picked and launched an intriguingly mouth watering new menu and funky cocktail list worthy of those foodie boozy lovers out there!

Kith & Kin Chapel Allerton

Kick the night off with a Kith & Kin shaken- not stirred...

If you like a full array of cocktail choices, then you will like what is on offer at Kith & Kin. The menu is cheekily inspired and created in house by the quirky and charismatic squad headed up by GM Lois in Chapel A. From Cubana Calientitas packed with rum, dark chocolate and a hint of chilli - to Ultra Violet botanical gin-infused creations with that delicious refreshing kick. There are 8 core cocktail creations to celebrate the night away with, have you tried them all yet?

Kith & Kin's interior screams out a get-together vibe, spacious candlelit tables, with mood lighting across the staggered levels between the bar, restaurant area and huge outside beer garden (waiting in the wings for next years nice weather!).

The space inside is great and you can perch wherever you fancy, whether that be up in the booths showing sport on the screens, near the bar hustled in on the action, or in the lengthy table zone - perfect for groups out for a party or date night for two.

If you're not a fan of cocktails, don't panic- they are serving the staple offering of ales and beers in the flock of flavours courtesy of Black Sheep's new presence.

We certainly loved the look of the Monty Pythons Flying Circus "A Very Silly IPA" - malted barley beer with a tinge of fresh peach and caramel- at 4.5% we definitely could get a bit silly!

Given imminent festivities, Kith & Kin hosts a normal and festive menu, including a Sunday variant to cater for all days.

We delved straight in to the main menu and tucked in to 2 epic chunks of melting brie wedges served with a huge scoop of lush red onion chutney, perfect for smothering these cheesy champs as the starting palate pleaser.

Crikey... Introducing this beauty of a sharing platter - The Big BBQ!

We weren't lying when we said 3 foot long platters - dashingly presented out on the board is an array of BBQ lovers favourites, served along with the juiciest side of fully loaded cheese and peppercorn steak fries we have ever eaten...

There is a huge feast of kicking hot buffalo wings, rare breed Yorkshire style sausage, grilled corn, the best BBQ beans pot for dipping, red cabbage coleslaw, onion rings and the mightiest rack of melting low and slow ribs!

But don't stop there! Sharing is caring.... How about a mahoosive meze sharer!?

Fresh, flavoursome, and packed with dippable delights, if you fancy a lighter(ish) variant then this hummus inspired board is for you and your pals!

The flatbread, hummus, goji berries mixed with the chutney together is a must try taste sensation! Falafel, artichoke, sun dried tomatoes and accrudités cucumbers add the palate cleansing healthy kick to the whopping dish. Absolutely marvellous!

Kith & Kin has got the sharing concept off to a T, we certainly had eager eyes checking out our choices given the masterpiece presentation skills from the kitchen team.

Friday night live singers also grace the floor at Kith & Kith Chapel Allerton throughout December and in to the new year. We loved hearing the passionate notes from Katy Dean strumming out on the guitar. Live entertainment kicks off usually from around 7pm on a Friday, an ideal time for sampling those cocktails, nibbling through the menu and kicking back with a cracking entertainer all under one roof!

And to round off the evening, how about a dessert inspired couple of cocktails? For the expresso martini lover - try the salted caramel expresso martini with its unique twist on the classic- surprisingly light, or for those who like a wild card... The cocktail with no name (think baileys, bananas & strawberries) courtesy of the skills of the charming bar team who can rustle up almost anything to your taste!

Be sure to dedicate a night in your diary at Kith & Kin this festive period and in to the new year - the team have created a fantastic and welcoming vibe filled with hand crafted menus and drinks to fit the wonderful Chapel Allerton surroundings, as well as bringing a touch of North Yorkshire brewery style influence to its patch.

Kith & Kin

Chapel Allerton

16-18 Stainbeck Lane



T: 0113 275 2223

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